The course of our history reminds us of the value we have built with each manufactured piece, the effort and passion put into our daily work and the dreams that one day we thought impossible and today are constantly renewed, having fulfilled each one of them.

Today, together with our collaborators, customers, suppliers and neighbors of the community, reviewing these milestones leads us to recognize that the joint commitment of all of them is what motivates us to continue working for a company and a strengthened country in order to achieve new goals.

We provide solutions,
we have the best
SINTER HIP technology.

Available worldwide for the manufacture of Tungsten Carbide, therefore we focus our production, mainly, in the manufacture of special parts that meet the requirements of each customer.

Sintering Furnace with Sinter HIP AVS Technology.
CNC Michael Deckel profiling machine to produce threading and special profile inserts.
In-house raw material production plant
Technology for the development of new types of hard metal for special uses.
Isostatic Pressing to produce special large size parts.
PVD coating plant equipped with Cemecon Technology.

Chemical and applied metallographic testing lab for R&D and quality control equipped with atomic absorption spectrophotometer, ultrasonic equipment, metallographic microscope, hardness tester and other equipment for non-destructive testing.


We provide industries with different alternatives to improve wear resistance, abrasion, reduce friction, and increase corrosion resistance of different materials, tools and equipment.


From the very beginning, a company thought for the long term.

After 62 years of activity and 27 years dedicated to meet the demand of hard metal in the national and international market, we are proud of the road we have traveled and we recognize the unconditional effort of our collaborators, customers and suppliers who have helped us to build a long-term company, playing a fundamental role in every decision we have made. Here is our history:


Chemical and Metallographic Testing Laboratory.  

We have the best technology available worldwide for the manufacture of tungsten carbide, so we focus our production, mainly in the manufacture of special parts that meet the requirements of each customer, in which quality control is equipped with atomic absorption spectrophotometer.

Non-destructive tests:

Density determination: it allows to know the density of the part.

Determination of magnetic saturation: it allows to determine if the part has been sintered correctly.

Coercivity determination: it provides information about the relationship between the magnetic cobalt and the size of the tungsten carbide crystals in the part.

Detection of faults: it allows the detection of any internal faults in the part. It allows the control over 100% of the ordered lot.

Destructive tests:

Structure: it allows to verify the structure of the part: the distribution of crystals, the presence of porosity and the formation of phases in the structure.

Hardness determination: it allows to determine the hardness of the part and to compare it with the specification.


Latest news in our Company.

We promote the development of a
long-term sustainable business.

This policy is applied to the design, production and commercialization of tungsten carbide parts, tools, rods and other parts containing synthesized tungsten carbide in their composition, ready-to-press mixtures, tungsten carbide, metallic tungsten, metallic cobalt and tantalum-niobium carbide in our plant in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita.


Tungsten Solutions

Anti-wear solutions for the industry. We are manufacturers of Tungsten Carbide parts.

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